Real Time System Backups, Off Site Storage & Disaster Recovery

Would you like to have it FULLY RESTORED to it's exact state as of 5.00pm, losing just 1 minute of data? What is the impact of losing 8 hours or data per user and no one being able to access emails for the next 6 - 36 hours?

Maintain Legal Compliance AND the integrity of your customers/clients data records

With a multitude of retention policies available for both your local and off-site backup, you can be certain your company is data protection compliant. All legal requirements can be satisfied, thereby avoiding data loss and potential adverse publicity.

Maximize Business Continuity and Minimize Your Recovery Time

One of the biggest challenges companies face is how to maximize business continuity and avoid business disruption following a server failure. Our solution provides fast and reliable disaster recovery, data protection and system migration to get servers (and workstations) online as quickly as possible. Protect your entire server environment including the operating system, applications like Microsoft Exchange and SQL, and your data. 

Consolidate point-in-time backup images on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for simplified management. Automatic verification and re-verification tools ensure your backups are in a known good state when server recovery is necessary. 

Your Recovery Time Objective

Your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is the maximum amount of time your systems can be out of commission from when a disruption occurs to the moment your system is available again. The flexible recovery options allow you to improve RTO by reducing the time your systems and data are offline.


Fast and reliable disk-based backup that captures full, differential and incremental point-in-time backup images of your entire system. This includes the operating system, applications, configuration settings and data. Set and forget.

Save Money

Get business back up and running in a matter of minutes, rather than hours. Every minute lost in recovery time is income and productivity lost. Minimize recovery time windows and you maximize profits.

File & Folder Recovery

Quickly browse to specific files and folders in your point-in-time backup images to perform granular recovery of your data within minutes.


Restore complete systems including data, databases and operating systems in minutes. Typically a 150GB, 2.5TB or even a 30TB server can be restored in between 3 – 5 minutes


Our solution encrypts and compresses your critical data before it leaves your computer and then uses an Internet connection to send copies of your data off site, keeping it safe from prying eyes.


Automatically consolidate backup image files. This minimizes backup storage consumption and streamlines backup image management by providing consolidated daily, weekly and monthly backups


The technology to test your backups at any time to give you peace of mind that all is working as you expect. More so, with virtual boot technology you can test software installations in a test environment prior to installing on your production server.

Save Time

Minimize the time required to restore your server systems and data. Restore an entire server system with bare metal recovery, migrate to a new system with Hardware Independent Restore or quickly browse to specific files and folders to perform granular recovery of your data.


Our award winning software also verifies and re-verifies backup image chains to ensure that your backup images are in a known good state for fast and reliable recovery should a disaster occur.